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We are the only dedicated Over 40s facility.
Our unique and proven system focuses on Small group personal training for Men & Women over 40

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    Over 40s Transformation Centre has provided a low cost turn key setup plus an opportunity to open your own facility cash flow positive from Day 1


    Our Head Office support team will support you every step of the way, from choosing your location through to your ongoing business growth.


    Over 40s Transformation Centre have simplified the whole process for you, making it easier than ever to grow your business, making it a huge success

    Why Franchise with Over 40s Transformation Centre?

    You Succeed, We Succeed

    As our Franchise partner, it is in our best interest to ensure you succeed in your Over 40s Transformation Centre Franchise, giving you the support needed along the way, keeping the brand growing bigger and better. 

    We will be with you every step of the way!

    “Anyone who is considering a franchise with a tried and tested business model, fantastic head office support from the moment you become a franchise partner plus a low cost turn key setup, Over 40s Transformation Centre could be the fitness franchise you are looking for. As a franchise partner, you will receive every bit of support you need from the moment you join our team “

    George Saragas

    Supporting You Every Step of the Way

    Our clients have access to all of our small group personalised sessions each week which are tailored for our clientele regardless of fitness level, or injuries.
    There will be over 40 sessions each week to attend with an experienced trainer guiding you through every session.

    What is Different About Us?

    Unlike other Fitness franchises, we specialise in personlised Training & Nutrition for Men & Women Over 40 years of age.. With our unique  training systems, we combine Functional training, strength and conditioning, cardiovascular plus nutrition systems, for our clients, which are designed for each client to achieve their desired results.


    We have a number of exciting opportunities available! Enquire now to learn more about our available territories that suits you, The Low Cost Setup to open your very own Over 40s Transformation Centre. 

    Enquire Now, let us know what location you’re interested in and we will get back to you! 


    OUR BUSINESS SYSTEMS provide opportunity for Franchise partners to open their own Over 40s Transformation cash flow positive from Day 1 making our Fitness Franchise Model a very attractive investment for Fitness Professionals & Investors.